Field Library

These pre-exported fields can be used immediately in the simulator

Download Field Models

To use the following field files simply download and export them into AppData\Roaming\Synthesis\Robots. For more information you can visit the Tutorials page.

2018 FRC Power Up 2017 BunnyBots SynthePark Skatepark 2017 FRC Steamworks 2017 VexinTheZone 2017 Velocity Vortex 2016 FRC Stronghold 2015 FRC Recycle Rush 2014 FRC Aerial Assist 2013 FRC Ultimate Ascent 2012 FRC Rebound Rumble 2011 FRC Logo Motion 2010 FRC Breakaway

We would love to include your team's unique field designs! If your team would be interested in sharing CAD models or pre-exported field models, email us at and your field could be in the next release!

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