Learn about the powerful test and simulation avenues Synthesis offers for your designs.

Design exporters

Easily transfer your CAD design from Autodesk Inventor or Autodesk Fusion 360 in a matter of minutes using the streamlined Synthesis Exporter. The simulator will automatically receive all joint, color, and material data.

Real-life physics

Using Unity Engine's PhysX system, the simulator can replicate real-life behaviors using design and material data. Absolutely no extra configuration is necessary to enable accurate physics with your designs, reducing overhead when experimenting with different design iterations.

World manipulation

Multiple objects or designs can be present in a world at a time. The surrounding world can also be changed to test designs in different surroundings.

Easily expandable

Using the Synthesis API, additions of new features or functionality can easily be accomplished by creating a module. By default, Synthesis includes the SynthesisCore module, but additional 3rd party modules can also be installed.