Applications for the 2022 Synthesis Immersion Program are now closed.

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This year we are going to attempt a hybrid work schedule. We expect to be meeting in person around 2 days a week in our main office located in Portland, Oregon. The program is structured as a full-time internship with semi-flexible 40 hour work weeks, spanning 10 weeks from June to August.

Summer Intern Positions



What makes a good candidate? We’re looking for people both excited about making robotics more accessible and who are willing to learn. Share about a cool project you have worked on! We look for people with experience working on a project or a GitHub repo with previous project experience that are willing to learn. Demonstrate an interest in improving Synthesis and share your GitHub repo or project with us on your application!

Our development team is split into three component areas: the exporter, engine, and controller. Below are the different responsibilities for these positions. If you are familiar with any of these subjects please indicate your experience in your application. Although all interns will have a chance to dip their toes in different types of work, consider the following to get a better understanding of how you would like to spend the majority of your time.

  • Work on Fusion and Inventor add-ins
  • Serialize CAD models and their physical attributes and connections into Protobuf binary files.
  • Fix bugs, add features, and modify field and robot exporters using Python
  • You can see the Fusion 360 API we use for creating our Fusion Exporter.
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Familiarity with Git and Fusion 360
    • Experience using Python
  • Work in Unity on UI and usability of Synthesis engine
  • Collaborate with multiple developers and subteams
  • Refactor and incorporate healthy code development practices for current and future development
  • Preferred Qualifications:
    • Familiarity with Git and Unity3D
    • Experience using C# (Java skills are very adaptable to C#)
  • Work with the engine team on receiving and managing code inside of Unity
  • Create/update protocol buffers for serializing data
  • Expand controller and fix bugs for C++ and Java emulation
    • Familiarity with Git, Linux, and C/C++
    • Familiarity with JSON/XML and protobuf
    • Basic networking
  • Create media content for marketing (e.g. social media, promotional, etc.)
  • Photo, video, and graphics editing
  • Plan, organize, and coordinate user events
  • Assist with testing code developers have produced
  • Make decisions about the look and feel of Synthesis to define the user experience
  • Work with technical lead to manage deadlines and goals throughout the summer
  • Deliver presentations to Autodesk employees and at external events
  • What is the skill level required of an intern? We interview and look for interns in all skill ranges from beginners to super users, our recommendation is if you get excited about robotics simulation we would love for you to apply. Honestly a lot of what makes developers crazy good is their passion to improve a project.
  • What age do I need to be? You need to be 16 by the start of the internship. For any more information or questions regarding this please email
  • Where is the internship located? The internship is located in Portland, Oregon and will be hybrid due to for 2022. Our goal is to have our interns come in at least twice a week.

Submission Instructions

  • Download and complete the 2022 Internship Application
    • Please make sure you GitHub is on your resume (if applicable.)
    • Share about fun projects and cool things you do for fun. At Autodesk, we love to see awesome people making cool things!
    • The length of your resume doesn’t matter as long as you're using the space constructively and it can describe what you like and what you have done, so please don't delete anything for the sake of saving a page. Especially if it's technical.
    • We can assure you we look through all the resume and most of us are developers so please include some technical content.
  • Completed applications should be emailed to
  • Applications due on May 4th, 2022 by midnight Pacific Time

We encourage you to submit your application early to allow us more time in reviewing your application and to avoid any server lag in delivering it to us.

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