Success stories

Hear how teams in the community are using Synthesis to improve their build process!

  • BunnyBots

    Pre-Season Event

    Congratulations to team 3674 for achieving 1st place in the 2017 BunnyBots competition as well as team 2521 for their finalist position! Both the Cloverbots and SERT are proud users of Synthesis. They decided to use Synthesis as a way to test their designs and practice driving in the field in advance. All their preparation sure paid off as SERT competed in the finals and Cloverbots won 1st place! Both teams will also receive $500 as the winners of the Synthesis Video Challenge.

  • Wildcats

    Team 1510

    "This year, our team, the Wildcats, Team 1510, were not able to stay long at the kickoff event and inspect the field elements closely due to heavy snow. We decided to analyze the game by loading the 2017 field in Synthesis and driving a sample robot on it. With Synthesis, we learned how the field was set up and how robots would need to navigate it. Armed with this data regarding the field, we created a strategy for how we wanted to approach Steamworks. Synthesis helped our team create a strong strategy for the season." -Anna

  • Flying Hedgehogs

    Team 2898

    "This year was the 2898 Flying Hedgehog's first year back after being inactive for 3 years. Our team was mostly freshmen, and I had to CAD nearly the entire robot with no prior experience. I tried my best to design based on the given dimensions of the gamepieces and field elements, but I needed to verify my design several times. I used Synthesis and loaded the 2017 field to check various things, such as whether the drive base would fit near the peg area, whether our gear mechanism was aligned with the peg elevation, and whether we could easily deploy the hoppers with our frame. Synthesis helped our team verify our designs when we had no prior experience or other means." -Thariq

  • CloverBots

    Team 3674

    "This past competition season, my team, the CloverBots, Team 3674, started creating our strategy right after kickoff. Our team envisioned our robot being able to do 6 gears and shoot several dozen fuel in the high goal without a problem. However, our lead programmer took a sample robot, ran practice matches in Synthesis, and reported that our goals were set too high. We adjusted accordingly and decided to focus primarily on our gear mechanism and tackle fuel later. This strategy paid off, and we had our most successful year by being a strong gear bot. Synthesis helped us adjust our strategy during build season and make smart choices without needing a physical robot. Synthesis steered us on the right path this past season." -Lauren

  • SOTAbots

    Team 2557

    "My sophomore year, I decided to learn CAD to help my robotics team, 2557, the SOTAbots, build better robots. During this process, I stumbled upon Synthesis and learned how to use the simulator. When I demonstrated my CAD skills to the rest of my team later in the year, I used Synthesis to show the possibilities that can be achieved with CAD. Synthesis helped me show When my team saw the benefits of CAD, they quickly set about integrating CAD into our design process. As a result, I was named the development lead last year and helped our team gain the CAD skills needed to build a stronger robot. Now, all builders are required to know CAD to work on the robot, and we reached the semifinals of our world division in April. Synthesis showed what could be accomplished with CAD, and it helped our team have one of our most successful years ever. It also showed the real-world applications of CAD. Synthesis helps our team build better robots." -Alex