We want everyone to have access to the resources they need to learn about Synthesis. If you think a workshop would be beneficial to your team, fill out the workshop request above. We will do our best to make sure that you can recieve the guidance you need, whether it's at a workshop, an indivual team training session or a webinar.

This year, in order to make it easier for FIRST teams to get started with using Synthesis we are offering workshops that can guide students through the software. These workshops give students the chance to load in their own CAD models into the simulator with the guidance of our staff.

Being able to interact directly with members of our team make it easier for students to overcome the learning curve associated with Synthesis. Our team has hosted workshops in Lake Oswego, OR and in Kent, WA. Less than 25% of students entered with knowledge of our software but by the time they left more than 90% felt that they had the skills required to use Synthesis in their teams.